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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
This section contains major plot details from Saint. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Saint, then read no further!
"Silent Construct"
Frigid Coast Requires Karma 1
Icy Monument Requires Karma 1
Glacial Wasteland Requires Karma 2
Internal name
CL (Collapse)
Frosted Cathedral
The Husk
Five Pebbles
Rooms (Screens)
125 (284)
Points of Interest (Spoilers)
Music Pearl (faded)
Six Grains of Gravel, Mountains Abound

Silent Construct is a region exclusive to Downpour that is only accessible in Saint's campaign. It is the remnants of Five Pebbles, Shaded Citadel, and part of The Exterior in the aftermath of the superstructure's collapse. In contrast with its past iterations, it lacks any mobile Rot cysts, aside from a few Brother Long Legs.


The Silent Construct is the decayed remains of Five Pebbles, long since fallen after having been completely consumed by Rot, with most of his machinery silent and dead. After his collapse, his superstructure crushed the Shaded Citadel, destroying most of it and causing the region to become an amalgam of tight passages, half-submerged rooms, and vertical climbs. The background of the Silent Construct is crossed by many giant jutting pieces of rebar, remnants of both structures' collapses, and cyan flora growing in the outdoor areas.

At the lower right of the construct, some linear areas are populated by the surviving Miros Birds from Shaded Citadel Memory Crypts, with their packs in far smaller quantities. They can be avoided via the various crawlspaces and tunnels beneath the terrain, or alternatively by throwing Flashbangs. These corridors open up into sections of open water that eventually lead to the relatively intact corpse of The Exterior The Leg, where an Echo resides at the top.

The Rot's presence has been heavily diminished, now only a few scattered Brother Long Legs and various background effects. It additionally appears as various inactive, bulging Proto Daddy Long Legs, long deceased in the aftermath of the collapse. As such, various creatures flourish in the remnants of the superstructure, otherwise unimpeded.


Silent Construct Creatures

  • Blue Lizard


  • Cyan Lizard


  • White Lizard


  • Yellow Lizard


  • Vulture


  • Centipede (Adult)


  • Centiwing


  • Red Centipede


  • Big Spider


  • Spitter Spider


  • Miros Bird


  • Brother Long Legs


  • Scavenger


  • Lantern Mouse


  • Centipede (Infant)

  • Objects

  • Slime Mold


  • Flashbang


  • Blue Fruit


  • Bubble Fruit


  • Popcorn Plant


  • Pearl

  • Points of Interest


    Frosted Cathedral

    Frosted Cathedral consists of the remaining bridges, rooms, and cabinets of western Shaded Citadel, as most of the region has been crushed as a result of Five Pebbles' collapse. Creatures from Shaded Citadel like Lantern Mice, Big Spiders, and Spitter Spiders are still present, though Coalescipedes are gone.

    The Husk

    The Husk is what remains of The Wall and the lower section of Five Pebbles. Many of the creatures inhabiting the subregion originate from Shaded Citadel and The Exterior. Blue Lizards, Lantern Mice, and Miros Birds roam a cave-like network of machinery and rubble, insulated enough to warm Slugcat. Most of the Rot has died out; only a few active cysts and Brother Long Legs remain.

    Five Pebbles

    This subregion is the remains of the upper section of Five Pebbles. A portion of The Exterior The Wall is accessible, and the gate to Metropolis is crushed. Yellow Lizards and Cyan Lizards are present. Five Pebbles' puppet lies, barely responsive, in a now-collapsed chamber.


    Arena Mode Unlockables

    Location Unlockables
    Silent Construct
    As Saint

    Arena unlock Maps Barrens  •  Twisted Ruin
    Sandbox unlock Creatures Big Spider  •  Yellow Lizard  •  Brother Long Legs
    Sandbox unlock Objects Slime Mold
    Slugcat unlock Slugcats Saint
    Safari unlock Regions Silent Construct


    • Silent Construct has the acronym CL in game files, which stands for Collapse.
    • The state of the Rot by the Saint's time suggests that it cannot survive on its own if the correct conditions of an Iterator's superstructure are unavailable, degrading and ultimately becoming inactive.


    Graphical Map

    Interactive Map

    Silent Construct Map ported by JuliaCat57, Original by Henpemaz.


    Vista locations
    CL_C05 CL_CORE CL_H02