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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
This section contains major plot details from Rivulet. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Rivulet, then read no further!

"The Rot"
The Exterior The Wall Requires Karma 1
The Exterior Underhang Requires Karma 1
Internal name
RM (Rotten Maw)
Cystic Conduit
Recursive Transform Array
Primary Cortex
Linear Systems Rail
Rooms (Screens)
103 (274)
Points of Interest (Spoilers)
Music Pearl

The Rot is a region exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour that is only accessible in Rivulet's campaign. It is a heavily Rot-infested iteration of the Five Pebbles superstructure. Much of the structure has sustained heavy damage, and many sections are flooded with water.


The Rot is the Five Pebbles region during the peak of its rot infestation. The region features fluctuating gravity as well as an abundance of Brother Long Legs, Daddy Long Legs, and Mother Long Legs. Some of these mobile cysts exhibit limited mobility, tending to stay near severely decayed corners. Many rooms feature large patches of Proto Daddy Long Legs.

Due to the superstructure's increased intake of water and mechanical failure, some sections of the region are completely flooded or partially submerged in water. This also opens up rooms that were inaccessible in the original Five Pebbles. The region offers complete protection from the Rain, making hibernating optional for survival.

A Rarefaction Cell that provides power to Five Pebbles' remaining functions can be accessed. Once it is displaced, anti-gravity in all rooms except for the lower entrance of the Primary Cortex is disabled. This makes traveling without the Rarefaction Cell at its most risky.


The Rot Creatures

  • Neuron Fly


  • Brother Long Legs


  • Daddy Long Legs


  • Mother Long Legs

  • Objects

  • Pearl


  • Popcorn Plant


  • Rarefaction Cell

  • Points of Interest


    Cystic Conduit

    The Cystic Conduit is Five Pebbles' lymphatic drainage systems which pump water throughout his superstructure and eject debris to the outside world. These effectively serve as replacement connections to Five Pebbles' rooms that would be otherwise inaccessible due to the Rot. It retains a crude functionality, as various bio-mechanical fronds and Neuron Flies are scattered around specific parts of the subregion, though all of them seem to be in a state of dormancy or cessation. Various immobile cysts are abundant, making traversal a difficult task.


    The combined remnants of Unfortunate Development and Five Pebbles Memory Conflux, barely recognizable after sustaining heavy damage from Rot. It is filled with Rot hazards, which include one Mother Long Legs as well as a few blue Brother Long Legs. Many separate chambers are now joined together, exposed to the air, or can barely be identified. Most of the bottom half is flooded. High above is the wreckage of Memory Conflux, now containing some dangerous death pits. The anti-gravity mechanism in this subregion has ceased to function entirely.

    The surrounding structure is severely damaged by Rot and has lost almost all resemblance to anything mechanical, instead looking cavernous and jagged in contrast with the more cohesive design of its past incarnation. More open spaces of the Depths harbor various, almost mountainous pieces of metal, paired with a sickly green fog in the background.


    Recursive Transform Array

    The only area of Five Pebbles that remains mostly untouched by the Rot. It is largely the same in layout as in previous campaigns aside from a few altered rooms. The flux condensers can temporarily shut down along with the low gravity, making them safe to touch.

    Primary Cortex

    As the General Systems Bus has been rendered inaccessible by the Rot, this subregion is the main path to reach Five Pebbles' chamber. A common visual effect is a set of arrays that emit green electrical discharges; these, however, are completely harmless. The chamber which houses Five Pebbles has been eroded and damaged by the Rot, and various immobile cysts reside within. Five Neuron Flies circulate around him.

    Linear Systems Rail

    Located at the middle-left of the structure, this subregion houses Five Pebbles' Mass Rarefaction Cell. It also contains many high voltage flux condensers, which are thinner variants of those found in Recursive Transform Array, and require careful movement to navigate around. The Rarefaction Cell is encased within a small spherical chamber, exerting a strong impact on nearby gravitational field like gravity disruptors found within Iterator structures, posing some challenges to access.


    Arena mode unlockables

    Location Unlockables
    The Rot
    As Rivulet

    Arena unlock Maps Decaying Construct  •  Lightning Machine
    Sandbox unlock Creatures Mother Long Legs  •  Daddy Long Legs
    Safari unlock Regions The Rot


    • The green electrical discharges in Primary Cortex hurt Slugcat in older versions of Downpour.
    • The Arena mode unlockable for Mother Long Legs is very close to the unlock for Daddy Long Legs in previous campaigns.
    • All Brother Long Legs in this region are blue, similar in appearance to Daddy Long Legs.
    • The Rot has two pipes in room RM_LCUPSIDE connected to the same pipe in room RM_CONSTRUCT.
    • Room RM_CONSTRUCT doesn't have a screencut for the upper part of it.


    Graphical Map

    Interactive Map

    The Rot Map ported by JuliaCat57, Original by Henpemaz.


    Vista locations