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"Spore Puff"
Code name
Weapon, Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Farm Arrays (52)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 1-1, 1-3)

Spore Puffs, known in-game as Puff Balls and sometimes called Smoke Bombs, Gas Apples, or Gas Onions, are objects that are only found in Farm Arrays, usually in underground or indoor rooms. They are pale gray orbs with green splotches and a smoking 'fuse' and can be used to attract Rain Deer or kill arthropods.


Slugcat feeding a Spore Puff to a Rain Deer

Rain Deer Feeding

Spore Puffs can be used to attract Rain Deer. Throwing a Spore Puff causes nearby Rain Deer to shriek and head towards the landing point. When close, Rain Deer descend and lower their heads to eat any Spore Puffs that are on the ground. This allows Slugcat to easily jump and ride on their antlers, which is often required to cross the large fields of Worm Grass in Farm Arrays.

The player can make Rain Deer change direction while traveling by throwing a Spore Puff in the opposite direction; however, they might change direction again after reaching the landing spot, making this unreliable.

Spore Clouds

Spore Puff used to kill a Centipede

A Spore Puff's explosion releases 70 spore clouds, each of which are capable of poisoning arthropod creatures. As each spore cloud applies poison separately, the poison effect is more effective when a creature touches a larger proportion of the explosion. In particular, throwing a Spore Puff at a large Centipede in a way that covers a lot of segments is very effective, but this is counterbalanced by their mass increasing their resistance to poison. Effects from poison include erratic limb movements, stuns, and damage. Greater exposure to the spore cloud amplifies each of the effects.

The following creatures are damaged by Spore Puffs:

Spore Puff used to collect 2 Beehives

Thrown Spore Puffs can also be used to pacify Beehives, allowing them to be picked up and carried without activating so that they can be used as a weapon later. Spore Puffs also kill all active bees and neutralize hives that are partway through activation.

Spore Puff explosions obscure creatures’ vision within their radius as long as they are active.


  • The kill credit tag given by the spore clouds lasts only 5 seconds after they dissipate, and the damage taken by poison is lowered by the creature's mass. As a consequence, on particularly massive creatures such as Red Centipedes, the poison may take long enough to kill it that the kill credit won't be given to the creature that threw it. To circumvent this, the player may periodically throw weapons such as Rocks or Spears on the poisoned creature to re-apply the kill credit tag.
  • At lower levels, the poison gradually fades from the creature. However, once the creature is affected by the spore clouds enough, they are no longer necessary to sustain the poison and it will start gradually increasing towards the maximum.