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"Spore Puff"
Code name
Weapon, Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Farm Arrays (52)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 1-1, 1-3)

Spore Puffs, sometimes called Smoke Bombs or gas apples/onions, are an object which can only be uniquely found in Farm Arrays, usually in underground or indoor rooms. They are pale gray balls with green patches and a smoking fuse. These spore-like objects can be used in many different ways.


Rain Deer feeding

Spore Puffs are mainly used to attract  Rain Deer, their usage being instrumental to progress through Farm Arrays. Throwing a Spore Puff causes nearby Rain Deer to head towards the landing point, emitting a shrill shrieking sound. When close, Rain Deer descend, and lower their heads to eat any Spore Puffs which are on the ground. This gives Slugcat the opportunity to jump and ride on their antlers, which is useful and often required for crossing the fields of  Worm Grass. Slugcat can make Rain Deer change their direction while traveling by throwing a Spore Puff in the opposite direction, however they might change the direction again after reaching the landing spot, making this strategy nonviable most of the time.

Slugcat feeding a Spore Puff to a Deer

Toxic spores

Spore Puff used in combat to kill a centipede

The gas released by a thrown Spore Puff deals considerable and usually lethal damage to arthropod creatures. The more a creature gets covered by the spores, the more damage they take. This is especially useful against larger Centipedes, as their longer bodies naturally take more damage if exposed to the gas. It is possible to instantly kill smaller sized Centipedes with a single Spore Puff, however larger specimens are harder to kill due to their higher HP and require a more precise throw in order to cover enough of their long bodies. This is easier to do when they are curled up or standing still.

The creatures affected by the spores include (along with Bugs and  Beehives):

Beehive collection

Spore Puff used to collect 2 Beehives

Spore Puffs can be used to pacify  Beehives, allowing them to be picked up and carried without activating so that they can be used as a weapon later. Spore Puffs also kill all active bees and neutralize hives that are partway through activation.


Spore Puff explosions obscure creatures’ vision within their radius as long as they are active.