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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
Code name
Food Pips

0–1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster


As Monk: Outer Expanse

As SurvivorAs Gourmand: Subterranean, Pipeyard, Outer Expanse

As HunterAs ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Chimney Canopy, Subterranean, Pipeyard

As Saint: Undergrowth

File:??? icon.pngFile:??? icon (custom).pngAs : Chimney Canopy, Subterranean, Pipeyard

Stowaways are stationary predators exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour. They reside in dim underground areas and utilize camouflage to ambush prey.


The Stowaway is relatively small and mimics the texture and appearance of pipes they are attached to. When idle, the Stowaway's body is shrunken into their perch on the ceiling with a gray sensory tendril reaching down to the floor. When triggered, the body juts out and opens its maw, revealing jagged teeth. 3 long tentacles that each have a jagged hook at the end drop down from inside the mouth.



Fighting against Stowaways can be tricky, as they are near invisible ambush predators that attack quickly. However, if the player is able to notice them, they can dispatch a Stowaway before their ambush is activated. They can easily be killed using a Spear from a distance. Hitting a Stowaway's main body with a Rock reveals their exact location, making them easier to avoid or kill.

If the ambush attack is activated and successful, things get significantly more complicated. The Stowaway's three tentacles constantly attack a creature, keeping it in a stunned state, until they start to pull their prey toward their mouth. Since their tentacles have hitboxes, a Spear thrown into a tentacle at an opportune moment causes the Stowaway to release their grasp. Cherrybombs cause all Stowaways in the area to release their tentacles, before quickly retracting them. Cherrybombs also cause Stowaways to release everything in their grasp. Stowaways take 20 times less damage when a Spear hits their tentacles, so it is usually only viable to kill them with direct hits to the body.

Like other arthropods, Spore Puffs can kill Stowaways.


Evading a Stowaway is fairly simple. As the ambush attack is only initiated if a creature is touching their sensory tendrils for a prolonged period of time, quickly passing underneath a Stowaway is enough to evade them. In the case that their ambush is initiated, their tendrils can be avoided by quickly running to the side until Slugcat is out of the Stowaway's reach. Creatures can be thrown or lured into the tendrils to activate them; since the Stowaway only focuses on one creature at a time, this can be used to pass safely while they are distracted.

Abilities & Behavior

A camouflaged Stowaway


Stowaways excel at blending into their environment, appearing nearly invisible barring the sensory tendrils they let down to catch food. They sink slightly into the ceiling when in wait of prey, making themselves less visible, and stay that way until their sensors are triggered.


Stowaways are ambush predators; when their sensory tendrils are set off, they extend from their perch in the ceiling to get closer to their prey. Then, using their tentacles, they periodically stun and immobilize their prey. They then bring their prey up to their mouth, swallow it, and return to their original state. When prey moves around while a Stowaway is active, they follow it with their mouth.


Default relationship Wants to eat (1.0)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)
Afraid of Vultures (1.0)  •  King Vultures (1.0)  •  Inspectors (1.0)  •  Brother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Daddy Long Legs (1.0)  •  Mother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Hunter Long Legs (1.0)  •  Stowaways (0.9)  •  Giant Jellyfish (0.2)

Variants & Attributes

The tentacle and tendril amount never vary, but the teeth amount can, ranging from 3-6. The color of the body is not variable, a brown gray with darker gray stripes. The teeth can take on a shade of deep gray to light pink, and the tentacles have a gradient also ranging from gray to pink.


  • Stowaways are found in the following rooms: SB_A01, SB_C01, SB_E04, SB_H02, SB_J01, CC_shaft01x, CC_strainer01, CC_sump05, OE_ruin17, OE_tower14, UG_A02, UG_C01, UG_gutter01, VS_B17, VS_D03.
  • Stowaways are one of the 4 Downpour creatures to not have an arena unlock, the other 3 being the Chieftain Scavenger, the Train Lizard, and the Hunter Long Legs.
  • Due to being placed as objects, spawned-in Stowaways do not behave properly and can crash the game. They can only be placed via Dev Tools.
  • Spears dislodge shortly after hitting a Stowaway's tentacles or body.
  • Stowaways are blind and entirely unaffected by Hazer ink.
  • Stowaway sensory tendrils can get caught on the inside of their mouth, leaving them unable to catch prey.
  • Stowaways are the fourth ambush predator added to Rain World, with the White Lizard, Pole Plant, and Dropwig coming before it.
  • Despite being creatures, Stowaways are placed into rooms as objects.
  • Deactivated Stowaways can be awoken by hitting them with objects such as Rocks.
  • Stowaways can be selected to be controlled in Safari Mode, but none of the controls do anything.
  • Stowaways are referred to by some of the developers as "Fog demons".