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A nimble omnivore, both predator and prey. Lost in a harsh and indifferent land you must make your own way, with wit and caution as your greatest assets.

The classic Rain World experience, The Survivor must deal with the ever-present threat of predators while trying to find their way through this hostile world. Survivor has standard Slugcat stats and abilities.

For the main Slugcats page, see Slugcat.


4 food pips are required to hibernate, while up to 3 may be stored for the next cycle.



The introductory cutscene revolves around a family of Slugcats. They are shown resting in a nest, walking across a pole and hunting for food together. While eating Batflies, attention is drawn to a younger Slugcat - The Survivor - who notices a few droplets of rain. A dangerous storm breaks out, and as the group attempts to make it back to a safe place, the Survivor slips and falls into the drains below. The final scene shows the Survivor standing in a new and unknown environment, and shortly after it fades out, the game begins.

Food: 🌑🌑🌑🌑|🌑🌑🌑

Karma: Karma 1

Area: Outskirts (SU_C04)

General Changes

  • Deaths at above Karma 1 minimum Karma have a 50% chance to contribute towards the cycle counter for object regeneration.

World Changes



This section contains major plot details from Gourmand. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Gourmand, then read no further!

Spoilers end here.