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This page covers swimming techniques. Click here to go to the main Controls hub page and access other movement tech pages.

Water Boosts[edit | edit source]

Pressing jump underwater gives a speed boost but reduces breath.

The amount of speed given reduces each time, and more than a couple quickly causes Slugcat to start drowning.


Using boosts to escape danger[edit | edit source]

Water boosts are usually best saved for dangerous situations (e.g. escaping from Salamander icon.png Salamanders)


Fast horizontal water movement[edit | edit source]

Dipping under the surface and boosting once horizontally and slightly down, then resurfacing and repeating is an effective way to travel quickly through large surface bodies of water. This makes use of boosting, using some breath, but preserves most in case of creature attacks.


Buoyancy[edit | edit source]

While swimming, Slugcat has a constant upwards drift towards the surface of the water. To swim underneath the surface (and consequently faster), use swim-strokes / boosts to swim slightly upwards, angle down slightly to maintain initial depth, and repeat,

Counteracting upwards drift is important for swimming through underwater tunnels, to avoid being trapped against the ceiling.

For swimming vertically, moving straight up makes the best use of natural buoyancy!

Wriggling[edit | edit source]

Alternating between up and down while swimming horizontally also increases swimming speed. This is important when navigating underwater tunnels.