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Ozzi9816 (talk) 15:09, 17 May 2015 (UTC) Could someone add pictures please?Reply[reply]

Bolded name?[edit source]

Spimuru (talk) Why does this page have all instances of squidcada bolded? I don't think this occurs on any other page, but I haven't changed it just in case people don't want me to.

Scavsarecool (talk) I've seen this on a few other pages but it's been removed and added back a few times (I did it to some pages after seeing it on one, assuming it was how things were supposed to be), I think it's a formatting thing but I don't see it anywhere in the style guide (and personally I think it looks very clunky and awkward to read)

flight[edit source]

does flight mean the squidcadas will carry you up constantly, that you can hover at the same height constantly, or that you can use arrows to go up and down, or use arrows to go up but cant go down?