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Slugcat no right.pngEnotspoiler.png SPOILER WARNING: ???
This section contains major plot details from ???. If you have not made significant progress, completed the game as ???, or solved their riddle, then read no further!
"Train Lizard"
Train Lizard icon.png
Code name
Food Pips

9 Food pip.png Hunter head.png

DLC icon.png9 Food pip.png Artificer head.png

DLC icon.png4.5 Food pip.png Gourmand head.png??? icon.png

DLC icon.png1 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png

??? icon.png ???: Industrial Complex
Damage Multipliers
Head (Explosive) 5.3%
Head (Bite)4%
Throat (Explosive)79%
Throat (Bite)60%


Train Lizards, also known as Hurricane Lizards, are a species of Lizards icon.png Lizard found exclusively inside of Industrial Complex Safari Icon.png Industrial Complex when playing the hidden/joke ??? icon.png ??? campaign in DLC icon.png Downpour. Originally created for the Hurricane Mod, they are extremely fast, durable and deadly, with a high bite rate, extreme lethality and high levels of aggression.

Train Lizards have an 100% or 1/1 bite lethality rate.

Description[edit | edit source]

Train Lizards have long overgrown purple frills on their large black body that reduces in size near the end of the back, tail stretching longer than its whole body length with hues of purple near the end, and are even larger than the Red Lizard icon.png Red Lizard. When untamed they are scared off by Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipedes and Miros Vulture icon.png Miros Vultures. They also don't attack other Lizards unless they get too close to them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid confrontation at all costs.
  • Train Lizards can be distracted by feeding them other Creatures.
  • Train Lizards sometimes struggle to get around pipe corners, which can be used to juke them.

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Train Lizards take about 10-12 Spear icon.png Spear hits to kill, can bite rapidly in a single frame, and have an immensely fast running speed that makes it extremely tough to deal with. Though the low Spear damage dealt with ??? makes Spears a nonviable method of killing it, ??? spawns a reskinned Singularity Bomb icon.png Singularity Bomb once per cycle, making defeating Train Lizards much more feasible.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Charge Attack[edit | edit source]

Similar to Green Lizard icon.png Green Lizards, they have a special attack allowing them to move tremendously fast at prey. This attack is signaled by high pitch hissing noise and windup. The distance of the actual pounce itself is similar to a Green Lizard's, though they also are able to climb poles during the pounce.

Mass[edit | edit source]

Train Lizards are extremely heavy. Whenever they traverse areas they create rumbles around them. Unlike the Green Lizard however, this has no effect on its movement and it is still able to climb poles.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Default relationship Rwtooltip.pngIgnores (0)
Wants to eatYeek icon.png Yeek (1)  •  Centipedes icon.png Centipedes (0.8)  •  Centiwing icon.png Centiwing (0.8)  •  Aquapede icon.png Aquapede (0.8)  •  Scavengers (Scavenger icon.png Scavenger Elite Scavenger icon.png Elite Scavenger Chieftain Scavenger icon.png Chieftain Scavenger) (0.8)  •  Slugpup icon.png Slugpup (0.5)  •  Eggbug icon.png Eggbug (0.45)  •  Big Spider icon.png Big Spider  •  Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spider  •  Mother Spider icon.png Mother Spider (0.35)  •  Lantern Mouse icon.png Lantern Mouse (0.3)  •  Infant Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Infant) (0.3)  •  Adult Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Adult) (0.25)  •  Dropwig icon.png Dropwig (0.2)  •  Hazer icon.png Hazer (0.15)  •  Jetfish icon.png Jetfish (0.1)  •  Squidcada icon.png Squidcada (0.05)  •  Grappling Worm icon.png Grappling Worm (0.025)
Afraid ofLeviathan icon.png Leviathan (1)  •  Rot (Brother Long Legs icon.png Brother Long Legs  •  Daddy Long Legs icon.png Daddy Long Legs  •  Mother Long Legs icon.png Mother Long Legs  •  Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs) (1)  •  Inspector icon.png Inspector (1)  •  King Vulture icon.png King Vulture (1)  •  Miros Vulture icon.png Miros Vulture (1)  •  Vulture icon.png Vulture (0.9)  •  Stowaway icon.png Stowaway (0.9)  •  Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipede (0.9)  •  Giant Jellyfish icon.png Giant Jellyfish (0.2)  •  Pole Plant icon.png Pole Plant (0.2)  •  Monster Kelp icon.png Monster Kelp (0.2)
Fights for territory withLizards icon.png Lizards (0.1)
Reputation-basedSlugcat head.png Slugcat (0.5)
Note: this is just the standard lizard table, this lizard type doesn't seem to have unique relationships to other creatures.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Train Lizards are very difficult to tame due to their aggression, requiring approximately 4-5 feedings. When they are tamed, they are able to defend the player from nearly every threat. Due to Train Lizards being clumsy and not able to climb walls, they should not be brought to places that are platforming heavy. Instead, they should be kept in areas with flat terrain in order to fully utilize their sheer power.

Tamed Train Lizards may bite the Slugcat when they get close, though this is usually harmless.

They become aggressive to Red Centipedes and Miros Vultures when tamed, but do not eat them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Train Lizards are one of the 4 creatures added in Downpour to not have an arena unlock. The others are the Chieftain Scavenger icon.png Chieftain Scavenger, the Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs, and the Stowaway icon.png Stowaway.
  • Train Lizards have both the tongue animation and sound effect even though they can't use it.
  • Train Lizards are completely immune to Red Centipede shocks.
  • Train Lizards are capable of biting every frame.