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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
This section contains major plot details from Saint. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Saint, then read no further!

Suburban Drifts Requires Karma 2
Glacial Wasteland Requires Karma 1
Solitary Towers Requires Karma 5
Primordial Underground Requires Karma 4
Internal name
UG (Under Growth)
Rooms (Screens)
48 (93)
Points of Interest (Spoilers)
Bright Green Pearl (blank)
Rhinestones beneath Shattered Glass

Undergrowth is a region exclusive to Saint's campaign. It is the remains of Drainage System, now overgrown with a thriving ecosystem. Most of the region is unaffected by the cold in the rest of the world. It is inhabited by various creatures that are now rare or absent in other regions, such as Snails and Pole Plants.


Undergrowth is similar in layout to Drainage System. Many pools of water present in Drainage System are absent from Undergrowth. Submerged areas are typically inhabited by Monster Kelp and swarms of Jungle Leeches.

Undergrowth is abundant with various vine-like formations and overgrowth, paired with rust-colored piping and a soft green haze in its background. In some rooms, there are rose-colored flowers in the background that animate and close themselves when a creature strays too close, then reopen when they are far enough away. The primary area of Undergrowth is inhabited by species of Spiders and Lizards. The uppermost areas of Undergrowth have less plant life and are dominated by Centipedes, appearing more reminiscent of Drainage System.

At the far left of the region, a dark, ravine-like formation can be found, illuminated by gargantuan, bioluminescent mushrooms. An Echo can be found in one of the leftmost rooms.


Undergrowth Creatures

  • Blue Lizard


  • Pole Plant


  • Monster Kelp


  • Centipede (Adult)


  • Red Centipede


  • Big Spider


  • Spitter Spider


  • Dropwig


  • Snail


  • Scavenger


  • Centipede (Infant)


  • Eel Lizard


  • Jungle Leech


  • Mother Spider

  • Objects

  • Blue Fruit


  • Bubble Fruit


  • Lilypuck

  • Points of Interest

    Arena Mode Unlockables

    Location Unlockables
    As Saint

    Arena unlock Maps Crawl Space  •  Man Eater
    Sandbox unlock Creatures Jungle Leech  •  Salamander  •  Snail  •  Hazer
    Sandbox unlock Objects Bubble Weed
    Safari unlock Regions Undergrowth


    • Undergrowth was considered a variant of Drainage System, but during its time in development there was no way to create such a different version of a region without having to duplicate and build off of it by defining a new region. This was prior to the conditional links system that allowed the developers to create variants of a region while still keeping it defined as one region, a technology used by the regions that were later developed. This helps to explain why Undergrowth and the corresponding Drainage System share many of the same Arena unlock tokens. Waterfront Facility also shares this history of originally intended to just be a variant but ending up to be defined as its own region.


    Graphical Map

    Interactive Map

    Undergrowth Map ported by JuliaCat57, Original by Henpemaz.


    Vista locations
    UG_A16 UG_D03 UG_GUTTER02