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This pages covers the major releases of Rain World, documenting changes and additions between each version, alongside covering aspects of Rain World's development throughout the years.

Alpha (Pre-Release)

1.0.0 (Release)

Released March 28th, 2017, on PC (Steam) and PlayStation (PS4).

Release on the GOG platform was slightly delayed.

1.01 (PC Patch #1)

Released for PC on April 6th, 2017.

Hello friends and slugcats! We present to you patch #1: Rain World v1.01

This quick patch is intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems, etc. These were all low-hanging fruit that we think improves the player experience without taking anything away from the concept of the game. Rain World should be an existential experience: unforgiving and even occasionally unfair. But it should be the jaws of a Lizard that gets you or the Rain, not some ragdoll physics wonk or design oversight!

Gameplay improvements:

  • “stuck in holes” fix - disconnected exits will no longer snag you
  • subtle backlit slugcat in low visibility swimming situations
  • quicker turning around in tunnels
  • larger lung capacity while swimming
  • nerfed the more intense waterfalls in Shoreline to prevent repeated drownings
  • more pearls near Scav tolls in Garbage Wastes
  • more food in central Garbage Wastes
  • more food in central Shaded Citadel
  • more karma flowers in world
  • karma gate requirements on the Shaded Citadel, Drainage System and Underhang side were lowered to prevent players becoming stuck in challenging regions
  • food / karma flowers regeneration now ticks forward on deaths (helps eliminate stuck / starvation situations at low karma)
  • players will now keep map progress between deaths (Id say 99.5% of people asked for this)
  • map now features gate karma symbols and shelter icons when locations are discovered
  • karma depletion on game exit removed if done within 30 seconds of sleep cycle
  • full karma drop on exit bug fixed (that was a brutal one, sheesh!)
  • intro cinematic is now skippable by holding start / esc
  • for players having issues with Grey Screen of Death and starting the game from sav files, you can now entirely skip loading the into by holding "s" when pressing "New Game." hopefully this helps until we have a real fix!
  • many many minor room fixes

Stability improvements:

  • map loading bug fixed (was causing the corrupted savs, ugh)
  • gate crashing bug fixed
  • stability improvements


Next steps: More patches and content is on the way, of course! We would like to see how this current round of bugfixes land before digging into further issues, as we have a feeling that these might solve a lot of the problems we've seen. But of course if you could keep sending in those bug reports and sav files that would be fantastic and hugely beneficial.

Thanks to all for feedback and please keep it coming! Let's all get through this tedious fixing and tweaking so we can get rolling on the fun stuff: new content!

<3 --Rain World team

1.015 (PC Patch #2)

Released for PC on April 15th, 2017.

Version 1.015 patch notes from Joar:

Hi! Just wanted to let you know what's up in this patch - it's a mini patch really, with just two little tweaks:

Undiscovered symbols can't be seen on the regions screen map any more Vulture mask is once again back to not being throwable, instead you release it with the down + pick up button command like in v1.0

Also there's a stability improvement that could help with some of the freeze issues on loading save files. All in all, very minor tweaks and no cause for alarm! Working mainly on stability right now, and have some more fixes of that sort coming up.


1.01 (PS4 Patch #1)

After many long trials and tribulations... the Rain World PS4 v1.01 update is finally live! Details below!

Hello friends and slugcats! We present to you PS4 patch #1: Rain World v1.01

This patch is intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems, etc. These were all low-hanging fruit that we think improves the player experience without taking anything away from the concept of the game. Rain World should be an existential experience: unforgiving and even occasionally unfair. But it should be the jaws of a Lizard that gets you or the terrifying Rain, not some ragdoll physics wonk or design oversight!

This patch puts the PS4 version at parity with the current PC v1.015

Gameplay improvements:

  • “stuck in holes” fix - disconnected exits will no longer snag you
  • subtle backlit slugcat in low visibility swimming situations
  • quicker turning around in tunnels
  • larger lung capacity while swimming
  • nerfed the more intense waterfalls in Shoreline to prevent repeated drownings
  • more pearls near Scav tolls in Garbage Wastes
  • more food in central Garbage Wastes
  • more food in central Shaded Citadel
  • more karma flowers in world
  • karma gate requirements on the Shaded Citadel, Drainage System and Underhang side were lowered to prevent players becoming stuck in challenging regions
  • food / karma flowers regeneration now ticks forward on deaths (helps eliminate stuck / starvation situations at low karma)
  • players will now keep map progress between deaths (Id say 99.5% of people asked for this)
  • map now features gate karma symbols and shelter icons when locations are discovered
  • karma depletion on game exit removed if done within 30 seconds of sleep cycle
  • full karma drop on exit bug fixed (that was a brutal one, sheesh!)
  • intro cinematic is now skippable
  • upon respawn after death, shelter doors cycle through opening animation faster
  • many many minor room fixes

Stability improvements:

  • Save file corruption fixed
  • map loading bug fixed
  • gate crashing bug fixed, as well as multiple other rare crashing bugs
  • assorted additional stability improvements

Thanks for your patience!! --RW Devs

1.5 (Arena, Monk, and Hunter)

Released for PC (Steam and GOG) on December 11th, 2017.

UPDATE: Rain World 1.5 Hello friends and slugcats! After many months, we present to you: Rain World v1.5

Main new features include:

2 new playable characters, corresponding to different playstyles and difficulty:

THE MONK - “Weak of body but strong of spirit. In tune with the mysteries of the world and empathetic to its creatures, your journey will be a significantly more peaceful one.”

THE HUNTER - “Strong and quick, with a fierce metabolism requiring a steady diet of meat. But the stomach won’t be your only concern, as the path of the hunter is one of extreme peril.”

New Multiplayer arena modes:

COMPETITIVE - Up to 4 player competitive mode. Catch bats and spear creatures (and each other!) for points. Players can choose from rooms that have been unlocked from finding yellow level tokens in the single player campaigns. Increasingly diverse wildlife will populate these rooms as you discover more blue tokens.

SANDBOX - Up to 4 players, put together custom scenarios using rooms, items and creatures unlocked from the single player campaign. Creatures and items can be placed in a room as desired and then played through with a various point values, etc, attached. This mode is to experiment and learn about the behaviour of creatures players encounter in the world.

Over 30 new multiplayer levels to be unlocked!

Updated bestiary, with a host of new creatures and items available to every character. Escape from new and dangerous predators! Feast on delicious new prey! Or perhaps... bond with new friends?

Plus of course a host of new secrets to be found, new strangeness to experience, and hopefully generally a much smoother Rain World experience!

(Happy hunting!} ʕ●.●ʔ

1.7 (Development News Only)

Steam news published December 16th, 2018.

News! Updates on Rain World for Switch, PS4 and v1.7 for PC

Hey Slugcats! Happy Holidays!

As you may have seen, there's been a flurry of new Rain World activity the past couple of weeks:

Rain World Switch

After many many many emails, DMs, requests, demands, phone calls (???) and online petitions, we teamed up with Adult Swim Games and Akupara Games to bring slugcats to the Nintendo Switch! It has been a loooooong process to make it all work and we are quite enthusiastic to finally have it in the hands of players. (Yes, even that guy who called me!)

Rain World Switch is out now in North American regions and will be launching soon in Europe and Japan. So if you like your slugcats portable, please go check it out!:

Rain World PS4

As part of this new arrangement, Akupara Games has also taken over managing the PS4 port code as well, and we have been able to FINALLY bring current content updates to our Rain World players on PlayStation 4. It's absurd that its taken this long, it was factors totally out of our hands, but we never forgot about you. We hope you enjoy the Monk and the Hunter!

Rain World v1.7

Further, over the past year and a half of porting work, there have been plenty of minor bugfixes and such, and we were even able to sneak in a *small* (but important!) content update for these new launches: v1.7.

We're currently working through patches for issues on the Switch and PS4 versions, but when we're certain everything is fixed up and it wont corrupt everybody's save files (or make modders throw their PCs out the window), we'll be launching v1.7 for PC as well! Can't wait for you to see it.

Happy Holidays and best wishes from the Videocult team! Hope you all have a great 2019 :)

Steam News

Published Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Announcing the Rain World: Downpour DLC expansion! Hello Slugcats!

If you saw the announcement during the Videocult Stream for Rain World’s 5 year anniversary, you would have seen that Rain World is getting a new expansion called Rain World: Downpour.

Downpour adds five new slugcats each with their own story and unique abilities. Use those abilities to traverse through over 1000 new rooms and investigate the mysterious world around you while learning how to survive with the new threatening creatures of the world.

Check out the Downpour trailer!

Wishlist the DLC!

Akupara Games is now the publisher of Rain World and will be working on Downpour! We plan on releasing Downpour on Steam later this year!

1.8 (Switch Platform)

News Posted Fri, April 15, 2022 Rain World: Downpour FAQ Hello, Slugcats!

I'm elated to see all the excitement from the community for Rain World: Downpour! The devs are hard at work on Downpour and can't wait to get the DLC in your hands! If you missed the news of Downpour, then be sure to check out the Downpour trailer! In the meantime, I wanted to answer a few common questions that I've seen from the community.

When is Rain World: Downpour releasing?

We’re still deep in development so there’s no release date yet but once we’re solid on when the game’s good to release, we’ll let you know.

How much will Downpour be?

No details on pricing just yet, mostly because we haven’t answered that question internally yet. When we announce the release date, we’ll announce the price.

What platforms will Downpour be on?

Every platform that Rain World is currently on will get the Downpour DLC. This includes consoles!

Is More Slugcats still being made by the original More Slugcats Team?

Yep. In fact, we brought AndrewFM as the lead developer of Downpour!

Is More Slugcats canon?

We like to think of More Slugcats as an expansion of Rain World lore rather than a reboot or a retcon or a sequel. There’s a lot to see in Rain World and this is just adding more Rain World.

Is the original version of Rain World going away?

Nope! Downpour is a separate, standalone experience in DLC requiring the original, while Rain World itself is still going to stand on its own two feet. Even when owning the DLC, if you want to toggle it off and get that classic Rain World experience, that’ll definitely be possible. These are two games meant to be played in parallel, one won’t be replacing the other.

Where is 1.7 for PC?

The latest version of Rain World on Steam is version 1.5 but on consoles it’s 1.7. On one platform specifically, that version is 1.8. We plan to bring all the platforms to the same version of Rain World with the Parity Patch and this will not be tied to Downpour and will instead be released alongside the DLC. Even if you don’t buy the DLC, you’ll still get the Parity Patch.

When is the Parity Patch releasing?

Right alongside the release of Downpour. This is for two reasons: First, it’s going to take a bunch of development work to get it all up and running, so there’s that. Second, we also want to make sure that the Parity Patch plays well with the Downpour DLC release itself, so we’re bundling all of that together into one release. We also want to help modders get early access to the Parity Patch just so that their mods can be adjusted for its launch. The goal is for parity to be really seamless for players.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the upcoming DLC or patch that you'd like me to tackle! I'd be happy to answer anything and everything that I can.

-[AG] Riv Otter

Jolly Co-op

Published Monday, July 18th, 2022.

Local Co-op Campaigns Joins Downpour! Hey slugcats!

I’m super excited to announce that local co-op campaigns are joining Rain World: Downpour! No longer will you have to suffer alone in the harsh unforgiving environments of Rain World! You can now bring up to 3 friends along with you in your journey. All 8 slugcats including the 5 new slugcats coming to Downpour can be played. All slugcats keep their abilities while playing in co-op campaigns like Artificer with their explosive jumps and Saint with their grappling tongue!

Take a peek at some of co-op shenanigans in the co-op trailer!

- [AG] Riv Otter


Published Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Announcing Rain World Remix Hello slugcats!

I am excited to announce a free update called Rain World Remix. This update will add accessibility options, customization options, fix many bugs present in the current version of the game, and improve on some of the things that annoyed players, like the rain deer interactions. Those who don’t buy the Downpour DLC will still get this update when Downpour releases.

I won’t go through all the options as this announcement will turn into a dictionary if I tried, but if you have any questions about ones that I don’t go into feel free to ask and I’ll answer with the best of my ability. Any of these options can be toggled for your best individual experience.

Loading screen tips and extra tutorials will be added to help newer players with the mechanics that the game doesn’t normally teach you in game - like how to drop items or how to tell how much time is left in a cycle. Loading screen tips will occasionally give tips when the slugcat dies or when the slugcat survives the cycle. Extended tutorials will give in-game tutorial messages for certain mechanics and scenarios.

Music is an important part of telling if there is danger nearby in Rain World. However, those that have a hard time hearing do have a major disadvantage. Threat music visual pulse will give a visual indicator of incoming danger. In addition to the music going more intense as the slugcat gets closer to danger, the threat music visual pulse shows a heartbeat of red dots on the bottom of the screen. There are up to five red dots that can appear and the more red dots that show up the closer the slugcat is to danger.

If you ever feel that a creature killing the slugcat just off screen is unfair, then Slug Senses is a way to counter that. Checking the map with this option active will show the creatures that are near the slugcat in the room, including those creatures that are just off screen. On the map it will show the creature symbol and will differentiate if they are alive or dead. However, camouflaged creatures, creatures in darkness, or those underwater, will still obscure themselves from the map.

Karma gates are a big barrier that many players reach. Sometimes it can be super discouraging for players to reach the needed karma to cross to the next region only to die and then not have the required karma to cross the karma gate again. Rain World Remix will have two options that will help players cross those karma gates. The first option is that karma gates will have Monk style gates for all campaigns. Once you cross through the gate, that gate will continue to be unlocked and not require karma again. The second option will disable all karma gate requirements - so even if you are struggling you can continue to go through the karma gates at the lowest karma.

For speedrunners of the game, there will be a togglable in-game speedrun timer that can be used. Now a lot of speedrunners may be distraught to hear that Rain World Remix does fix a lot of speedrunning exploits like karma caching and guardian skips. We don’t want to hurt the speedrun community and make speedruns less consistent so we have put in a toggleable option that can be used to keep exploits and advantageous glitches that speedrunners use to get the fastest times. For those interested in speedrunning for the current version of Rain World the Rain World Discord has a meta-and-tech channel that you can discuss with other speedrunners on strategies.

If red lizards weren’t scary enough there is an Alpha Red Lizards option to make them stronger. This option gives them tongues to pull you close, and if you think that stashing a bunch of spears is a good idea, their tongue can snatch your spear and break it in half with their bite.

The rain deer is one of the most annoying creatures for the community. In the current build the rain deer behavior cannot be influenced by the player once on the antlers. If they go a different direction then what the player wants then there is no way to change that other then jump off and wait for the next rain deer and hope they go the correct way. The tweaked deer behavior option adds two ways that players can influence the direction the rain deer goes once on the antlers. Shaking on the antler will encourage them to change directions, or encourage them to move if they are idling in place. If the slugcat is holding a sporepuff while on the antlers, then the position of the slugcat will also influence their movement.

There are many more options that can be toggled to make your campaigns unique to what you like. Rain World Remix as a whole can be enabled or disabled, if you would like to continue playing Rain World unchanged from the way it is now. This free update will be launching alongside Rain World: Downpour.

Feel free to come chat with us in the Akupara Games Discord, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for updates!

-[AG] Riv Otter


Published Monday, December 12th, 2022.

Expedition Mode Joins Rain World: Downpour Hey, Slugcats!

We are still hard at work in Rain World: Downpour. Today is the start of Expedition Week which means Gourmand checks every day this week! Oh and exciting Downpour news every day this week! My good friend Buddy, who is not as good in Rain World as me, will be streaming Downpour on Friday! Maybe we will see our good friend Gourmand there! Stream Link: Expedition Mode will be part of Downpour which is a new and exciting way to play Rain World where your goal is to complete different challenges and completing those challenges will unlock perks, burdens, abilities, and more for future runs!

I’ll see you tomorrow! - Riv Otter

1.9 (Rain World: Remix and Rain World: Downpour DLC)

Released for PC (Steam, GOG) on January 19th, 2023.

DLC Release Posted Thu, January 19 Rain World: Downpour is out now! Hey, slugcats!

It is time for me to finally pass Gourmand to you guys. You better take good care of them and keep them well fed. Rain World: Downpour is out now!

Rain World: Downpour features

5 new playable slugcat campaigns New regions and rooms Co Op campaign mode Expedition mode Challenge mode Safari mode

Even if you don’t get Downpour , Rain World is receiving a free update for the first time in many years that includes new resources for players and modders of Rain World.

Rain World: Remix features

Steam Workshop In game mod loader Russian and Chinese languages Accessibility options Bug fixes

Note: If you have modded your files, then Rain World: Remix will not launch. You will need to do a complete reinstall of Rain World . Remove the Rain World folder from Steam. The folder will typically be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rain World then verify the game files.

Uninstalling the game through Steam does not delete all files and so you must manually delete the Rain World folder and then reinstall through Steam.

One more final note with the launch of Downpour and Remix. We have set up two branches on Steam so if you like to revert back to ver. 1.5 or ver. 1.01 for any reason then you can. Right click Rain World in the library and click properties. Under the “beta” tab, you can select the 1.5 build by selecting “legacy” or select 1.01 build by selecting “legacy” from the drop down menu.

Rain World: Downpour adds so much content to a game beloved by the community. We’ve been very honored to work with such an amazing community to develop Downpour. Again be sure to give thanks to all the amazing community members who worked on developing the DLC. You can view who from the community worked on Downpour here:

-Riv Otter

1.9.02 (Patch)

Released for PC on

Also over the weekend we have released a patch for Downpour. Here are the full patch notes.

Fixed crash when hibernating in The Exterior with certain characters. Allowing all endings, including secondary ones, to count towards campaign completion unlockables now. Fixed latin characters rendering incorrectly with workshop mods installed when an asian language is selected. Updates to Chinese localization. Fixed Play button not being greyed out when no Safari regions are unlocked. Fixed graphical display of credits list in Remix menu when playing the game with a controller. Reduced the number of spiders that appear in Gourmand's tutorial room. Expedition Mission buttons are now greyed out if the associated slugcat has not been unlocked. Unlocked Expedition slugcats will no longer become locked again after exiting the Jukebox menu. Fixed issues with the Expedition menu UI when More Slugcats is disabled. Added tooltips for Jukebox buttons and randomized backgrounds for the Jukebox menu. Fixed a bug with Expedition score challenges. Fixed occasional crashes when using shelters or region gates in Jolly Co-op mode. Fixes a bug with tamed creatures in shelters in Jolly Co-op mode. Fixed a bug with death display when a co-op player dies in another room not viewed by the camera. Fixed a bug with the map on the hibernation screen in Co-op mode. Artificer can no longer maul other players in Co-op while friendly fire is turned off Reduced slider flicker on Jolly's Color dialog. Fixed a crash when visiting an Iterator chamber in Safari Mode while Jolly Co-op is enabled. Player 1 Jolly options (Color, Label) will no longer get reset on restart.

We are still hard at work on patching out more bugs. Thank you all for your reports! They seriously help in patching them out.

-Riv Otter

1.9.03 (Patch)

Released for PC on Saturday, January 28th, 2023.

Hey, slugcats!

On Saturday, we released a new patch for Rain World. This patch fixes tracked key items sometimes respawning out of bounds inside of shelters and crash on game startup in Japanese/Chinese/Korean languages after subscribing to workshop mods.

Full patch notes

When the game version updates, only subscribed workshop mods will be auto-disabled on the first launch, and not the built-in mods. Fixed slugpups and other non-playable slugcats triggering the Game Over popup on death. Fixed Gourmand's food tracker resetting if the Survivor Passage Requirement option was enabled in Remix. Fixed Deer and Miros Birds not spawning properly when More Slugcats Expansion was disabled. Fixed tracked key items sometimes respawning out of bounds inside of shelters. Fixed crash on game startup in Japanese/Chinese/Korean languages after subscribing to Workshop mods. Fixed dialog text added by mods not defaulting to English when there's no translation for the current language. Resolved issue where progress in Collections menu would sometimes get wiped out. Fixed overseer guidance in Shaded Citadel being wrong when More Slugcats Expansion was enabled. Resolved issues with save data for on-going Expedition Missions. Improved and resolved issues with Expedition Mission tooltips. Fixed Expedition perk limit not increasing after completing certain quests. Adjusted passage challenge point rewards for some slugs in Expedition mode. Added kill trackers to the sleep screen for all slugs, including other player's kills. Fixed Hidden challenges not revealing themselves in Expedition mode. Fixed slugpups not getting food when using Jolly Co-op. Swallowed items/creatures will no longer disappear if the player perma-dies on Co-op Easy mode. Fixed a crash when a player crosses a region in Co-op, with an item in their stomach, leaving a dead player behind. Fixes to make sure all Co-op features get properly disabled in Arena Modes (including Safari). Additionally rewarding campaign completion achievements on character select screen in case the original achievement trigger was missed by skipping end cutscene(s). Fixed one of the region's non-English subtitles overlapping the title in the Region selection screen. Resolved issue where navigation with a controller in the arena mode UI would sometimes skip over buttons. Unbroke a broken unlock token in Waterfront Complex.

We are still hard at work at patching out the bugs that you are finding. Thanks for all the bug reports which help us patch out these bugs.

-Riv Otter

1.9.04 (Patch)

Released February 4-5th, 2023

Hey, slugcats!

I hope you have been keeping Gourmand well fed and Artificer away from the scavs. Over the weekend we released another patch to fix various bugs including echoes in Expedition mode putting the player's karma cap into a broken state and adding an extra 16:10 aspect ratio resolution option for better display on Steam Deck. You can read the full patch notes below.

Patch notes

Added an extra 16:10 aspect ratio resolution option for better display on Steam Deck. Fixed death gradient not showing up by bottomless pits in most of the rooms in Metropolis.

Fixed some issues with deer not interacting with spore puffs properly. Tweaked some issues with hypothermia mechanics that in some situations could cause body heat to drop abnormally quickly, or body heat to not be transferred between creatures as intended. Fixed an issue that could cause pearls to get deleted in a shelter if Remix was enabled but key item tracking was disabled. Arena player buttons now remember which players were active after the game was restarted. Custom title screen and sub menu backgrounds no longer get reverted after the game is restarted. Fixed Artificer pilgrimage ending sometimes being inaccessible even when the correct requirements were met. Leeches now release their prey after being snatched by a Squidcada, and spiders release their prey if the spider dies. Resolved confusion with blue colored BLLs in past Garbage Wastes in respect to Expedition requirements and mini-map color. Expedition now properly prevents a previous More Slugcat Expedition from being continued if More Slugcats has since been disabled. Fixed issues with echoes in Expedition mode putting the player's karma cap into a broken state. Expedition's agility perk no longer get unintentionally carried over into other non-Expedition game modes. Fixed players being able to simultaneously grab each other in Jolly co-op mode, creating an infinite grab loop that breaks physics. When only one player is left in Co-op mode, fix the Game Over screen not appearing when a lizard grabs you but doesn't kill you. Dialog text now properly reverts back to white colored text when the text should no longer be colored. Added back the important sleeping emote feature into Jolly Co-op. Various extra fallbacks and safeguards for areas where players reported crashes or softlocks. Fixed creatures being launched away at light speed whenever Gourmand rolled into them.

Again, thanks for reporting all these bugs! They seriously help us find and patch out the bugs.

-Riv Otter

1.9.05 (Patch)

Released February 11-12th, 2023.

Hey, slugcats!

I hope you have been enjoying Rain World: Downpour and Rain World: Remix. Over the weekend we have released another patch that fixes many Co-op bugs and adds support for adding tags to mods on Steam Workshop. The full patch notes are below.

Patch Notes

Certain options, like resolution, controller input configs, etc, will no longer be synced across devices in Steam Cloud. Added support for adding tags to mods on Steam Workshop. Added extra options in input configuration to invert analog stick axes for some gamepads that were having this issue. Fixed the arena unlock token in Undergrowth not actually unlocking the corresponding arenas. Fixed pearls displaying their discovery status incorrectly in the Collections menu if delivered in a timeline that doesn't have a unique variant for that pearl. Delivering a pearl during an Expedition will now properly add that pearl to the Collections menu. More Expedition challenge adjustments. Added double-click feature to disable all but one challenge in Expedition filter menu. Fixed duplicated Slow Time HUD elements in Expedition. Fixed a few vista point locations that were unreachable during certain More Slugcat timelines. In parry challenges in Challenge Mode, item parries will now also count towards the parry counter. Fixed kill tracker not working properly with Jolly Co-op. Fixed a bug where the shelter door could close too soon in Co-op mode. Fixed starvation and malnourished issues with Co-op mode. Fixed karma flower placements when playing with Jolly Co-op. Fixed karma flower animation not playing when speared by Spearmaster in Co-op mode. Fixed some camera cycling issues in Co-op mode. Fixed some issues that arose when players died in Co-op mode with items in their stomachs. Resolved inaccuracies in reported playtime for your save file when using Co-op with Remix disabled. Reduced lag that would arise when a player eats a neuron in Co-op mode. Fixed Remix custom colors carrying over into arena mode, and fixed some bugs with Jolly Co-op Auto color mode. Fixed carrying animation for slugpups when Jolly Co-op is active. Artificer's mauling ability will no longer activate against slugpups.

The pause menu's Continue/Exit buttons no longer go off the screen while playing in 16:10 aspect ratio. Fixed all of the arenas in the level list displaying the "new" flashing animation if unlocked via the Cheats menu. When picking up arena unlocks in non-English languages, fix the text overlapping the unlock icon.

Thanks for reporting these bugs! We are working hard on patching out more bugs and the bug reports help us investigate them.

-Riv Otter

1.9.06 (Patch + Updated Level Editor)

Released Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023.

Hey, slugcats!

Hope you have been enjoying slugging around as the slugcat!! Or is it catting around as the slugcat?

Patch 1.0.06 is now live! This includes adding a backup save being created during playtime and adding extra Dev Tools hotkeys for spawning important campaign items. You can read the full patch notes below!

Patch Notes

A copy of your save files will now automatically be backed up into the "%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Videocult\Rain World\backup" folder after every ~30 minutes of playtime. Forced any spearmaster's pearl to always be broadcast tagged if that event already happened in your campaign, even if a new one is spawned in through Dev Tools, etc. Added extra Dev Tools hotkeys for spawning important campaign items (5 for Spearmaster's Pearl , 6 for Hunter's Green Neuron , 7 for Mass Rarefaction Cell ), although note that at the moment items spawned in this fashion will not be tracked as key items. Gourmand will no longer be launched horizontally while throwing a spear vertically. Wormgrass will no longer instantly snatch items and creatures out of your hands. Added additional checks to avoid Artificer's karma system bleeding into other campaigns while using Co-op mode. Fixed HLL indefinitely respawning every cycle even after it is killed. Changed the overseer eye description when it is inspected after power is restored . Removed Scholar passage as a possible Expedition challenge for Saint. Added cooldown before Pursuer spawns after switching regions, when using Expedition's Pursued burden. Showing Expedition Pursuer warning sooner, by checking adjacent rooms. Stopped pups from also using the explosive perk and stunning nearby players. Fixed in-progress Expedition runs not clearing when resetting Expedition progress. Fixed Spearmaster needles not getting re-colored when using Jolly Co-op custom colors. Fixed softlock when throwing a slugcat off your back while exiting a shortcut pipe. Artificer will no longer be able to stun other players when Friendly Fire is turned off. Fixed Jolly's player hud sometimes being out of place when changing rooms. Improved Jolly Player's meter: it will blink when players are missing in a region gate or shelter. Added a summary of the slugcats currently selected for Co-op mode right below the Jolly Co-op button on the character selection screen. Mushroom effect will now affect all players in Co-op mode. Added flashing indicator to buttons in in-game Manual that show which sections of the manual haven't been viewed before.

Level Editor I know you have been asking for this for a bit, and I am excited to deliver the updated level editor that the Rain World: Downpour team used. This will include project files and the new tiles/props/materials/effects used for the More Slugcat Expansion .

You may download the level editor here.

-Riv Otter

1.9.07 (Patch)

Released March 20th, 2023.

Hey, slugcats!

I have another patch for you! This bad boy fixes map exploration not getting properly saved when you cross through a gate, fixes passage illustrations, and plenty of minor issues that folks have been reporting. Please remember that this patch may break some community mods, so if you’re currently subscribed to anything, you may need to accommodate.

Patch notes

Overhauled the game's input system and input configuration system for better controller support. Dev Tools is now deactivated in-game by default now until you press the O key, to avoid confusion for non-modders. (Note to modders: you can still use your setup.txt file to disable this behavior) More Slugcat's "unlock all campaigns" cheat will now also unlock all More Slugcats characters in Expedition mode as well. Fixed map exploration not getting saved properly on cycles where you crossed through a gate. Fixed an error with world data parsing that caused some slugcat-specific region content (like artificer/spearmaster garbage wastes) to not display properly on the mini-map. Fixed passage illustrations failing to display while using LOW/MEDIUM quality mode. When key-item tracking is enabled, pearls left inside Pebbles' chamber will now respawn outside in the access shaft instead (except for with Artificer) Tracked key-items will now avoid respawning submerged in lethal bodies of water (and will just tend to avoid respawning underwater in general) Fixed Spearmaster's broadcast progression not advancing properly or resetting if you die to Pebbles on your first meeting. Fixed a softlock that trapped you in an infinite death loop if you had an active electric spear in your shelter when a shelter failure event occured. Fixed a bug that was preventing Pebbles' Rivulet-campaign pearl from showing up in the Collections menu. Fixed one of Saint's tutorial messages not appearing as it should. Fixed dream illustrations being off-centered in lower resolutions and some buttons being cut off at lower resolutions. Fixed hidden challenges in Expedition mode not being counted towards the Total Challenges Completed counter. Various small tweaks to some of the regions (a few extra shelters, some spawn changes, etc.)

Thanks for all the bug reports! I’ve been keeping track of them and the amazing team has been able to get these patches out to fix the various bugs you have been reporting.

-Riv Otter

1.9.07b (Hotfix)

Released Tuesday, March 21nd, 2023.

Hey slugcats,

We have just released a hotfix to fix the input issues.

Hotfix notes

Fixed Down & Left directions on the keyboard not being rebindable in the input settings menu. Fixed game crash on the input settings menu if the player had a controller bound to the 4th player in their save file prior to the 1.9.07 update. Fixed Sandbox Mode controls not working.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you all for your patience and bug reports.

- Riv Otter

1.9.14 (Quality of Life Patch)

Released Monday, March 18th, 2024.

Hey slugcats,

The quality of life patch (1.9.14) is now out on PC!

This includes many fixes players have been asking for such as: inaccuracies with the speedrun timer, fixing controller customized configs not saving for players 2-4, and more. Here are the full patch notes.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed controller customized configs not saving for players 2-4.
  • Mouse buttons can now be bound in controller customized configs.
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause issues when ordering mods in the Remix Menu, causing errors because dependencies were sometimes not respected.
  • (Safari) Fixed Scavengers doing random actions even when not inputted to do so.
  • (Safari) Fixed soft locks caused by creature transports moving to inaccessible areas of the region, or parts of the region from other time periods.
  • Fixed a soft lock in CC_B04 if MSC isn’t enabled.
  • Fixed an issue when deselecting Player 1 in the Arena Slugcat Player Selection.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Artificer’s dream sequences to crash the game.
  • Fixed inaccuracies with the speedrun timer.
  • Fixed a crash when swimming near another exit pipe in flooded GW_A13 when GW_S08 had a shelter failure.
  • Fixed the cycle length setting in Remix not also adjusting the timings for the day/night trigger.
  • Fixed precycles making it impossible to escape MS in some scenarios outside of Rivulet’s campaign.
  • Fixed belly slides failing to stick a spear in walls if the slugcat’s throw force was too low.
  • Fixed issues in Expedition mission loading.
  • Fixed the SunBlock room effect sometimes not covering the edges of the screen.
  • General crash fixes and stability fixes.

Natively integrated fixes from the following community workshop mods:

  • Guardian (by Vigaro)
  • Merge Fix (by Bro748)
  • Yeek Fix (by Willburd)
  • Speedrun Timer Fix (by Forthbridge)
  • Superstructure Fuse Fix (by Xan/Eti)
  • Needle Cleanup (by SabreML)
  • Miros Vulture Priority Fix (by Coder23848)
  • Music Triggers Fix (by Jevmen)
  • Moon and HR_C01 No Flood Fix (by solo race)
  • No More Tinnitus (by Slime_Cubed)

-riv otter

The quality of life patch (1.9.14) includes some updates for people who mod Rain World and are more technical with the code of the game. I wanted to share the more technical portion of the update here.

  • Added a versioning system to mod folders, so mods can add DLLs or other modded files that only get applied if the user is on a specific version of the game. If the game version matches the folder name, the files from there will be used, otherwise it will fall back to the “latest” folder, and finally to the normal base directory of the mod.
  • Added the "priorities" parameter to modinfo.json, which allows mods to have soft dependencies, where they have priority over other mods so the final user doesn't have to figure out the correct mod loading order in Remix by themselves.
  • Added Guardian's initialization wrapping which prevents mods from breaking each other during initialization. Only the erroring mod will be disabled, and the game will restart.
  • Fixed an issue that could break loading of slugcat-specific world properties, such that slugcat specific room attractiveness (and possibly broken shelters) would not work.
  • Fixed offscreen lineages not working in regions, where previously it would only work in Chimney Canopy.
  • Fixed GlyphLabel.RandomString not working with cyrillic characters when the random length parameters are used.
  • Added --remove-readonly to NStrip arguments when generating the PUBLIC-AssemblyCSharp.dll so modders don't have to do it themselves. (Hotfix, Current PC Version)

Released Monday, April 1st, 2024.

We have released a hotfix patch (v1.9.15.3) on pc that fixes some players to be stuck in the loading screen, flipped the load order of asset mods, and more! You can read the patch notes below.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that disabled players from restarting Expedition Mode after dying on their first run.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to be stuck in the loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug that flipped the load order of asset mods.
  • Fixed the pup hunger bar not displaying.
  • Fixed Burdens disappearing after dying or restarting in Expedition Mode.
  • Fixed a frequent game crash when Mother Long Legs are present in rooms.
  • Fixed Remix’s “Jetfish Item Protection” toggle not working if More Slugcats isn’t enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Noodlefly eggs in shelters to persist after hatching.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Layer 4 backgrounds to not be displayed in rooms that used them.
  • Fixed multiple Safari Mode audio issues.
  • Fixed the game occasionally reapplying mods on launch in situations where it isn’t necessary to do so.
  • Fixed some important debug information not appearing in the log files when Dev Tools is active.
  • Removed Slugcat (We learned that 100% of Rain World deaths were when people were playing a slugcat. We wanted to remedy this)

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