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This section contains major plot details from the "5P" region and beyond. If you have not progressed past this region, then read no further!
A void spawn variation.
Void Spawn 'bubbles' in Shoreline

Void Spawn are floating, worm-like beings that appear after Slugcat has eaten a Neuron Fly, or for the entirety of ✔️DLC Saint's campaign. They can either float freely through the air or appear in 'bubbles' that release the Void Spawn within when Slugcat walks through them.


Void Spawn are yellow and semi-transparent, and they become more opaque as Slugcat moves closer. They appear in a variety of sizes, and they may have 2 or more antennae of varying lengths on their heads. They have either a single tail or multiple, thinner tails.

Abilities & Behavior

Void Spawn can appear in the form of 'bubbles' or simply floating around in the air. When Slugcat comes in contact with a Void Spawn 'bubble', the Void Spawn releases from it and starts floating towards a direction, either towards The Exterior The Leg, or the Void Sea. They can be seen in Shoreline in 'bubbles', or in rooms preceding the Shaded Citadel Memory Crypts, either in 'bubbles' or floating around.

In ✔️DLC Saint's campaign, Void Spawn are seen in Primordial Underground Ancient Labyrinth, floating towards the bottom of the subregion.

This section contains major plot details from the end of the game. If you have not yet completed the game on any difficulty, then read no further!

In Subterranean Depths, Void Spawns can be seen in rooms after the Guardians, floating towards the Void Sea.

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