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This section contains major plot details from the end of the game. If you have not yet completed the game on any difficulty, then read no further!
A Void Worm looking at Slugcat

Void Worms are long, massive creatures that reside deep within the Void Sea in Subterranean Depths. They are the only creatures that are encountered in the subregion. Despite their sheer size and the absence of fins or any other appendages to aid in movement, they are able to move remarkably fast.


Void Worms have silvery bodies that stretch to an incomprehensible length. Their heads are disproportionately small compared to their bodies, with golden eyes and tentacle-like limbs with hooks on the ends. They can be encountered in the ascension endings for all Slugcats. Although Slugcat only encounters one Void Worm that actively interacts with them, there are many others that can be seen swimming in the background. Slugcat is forcefully moved in the same direction as a Void Worm when their body passes directly overhead, accompanied by a loud rumbling sound.


After Slugcat dives into the Void Sea and travels down a few screens, many Void Worms can be seen swimming around. Some Void Worms nearby can push Slugcat with the force of their movement. Swimming below the Void Worm swarm causes a Void Worm to appear with a unique rumbling sound. After looking at Slugcat for a few moments, they attach a thin strand to Slugcat, which they use to pull Slugcat upwards, then back to the depths of the Void Sea, traveling at a speed so quick it causes Slugcat to appear stretched and distorted. After a while, the Void Worm ceases movement and releases Slugcat before heading upwards again. Upon being released, Slugcat is left in a pitch-black abyss with only white light and music to follow to the ending of the game.

This section contains major plot details from Saint. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Saint, then read no further!

In the Saint campaign the Void Sea is upside down, instead being located at the top of the Rubicon. The Void Worm that helps the other Slugcats in their respective campaigns also appears to inspect the Saint. The Saint attempts to ascend the Void Worm but it does not succeed, and the Void Worm swims away. This then leads into the Saint ending.
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This section contains major plot details from Inv. If you have not made significant progress, completed the game as Inv, or solved their riddle, then read no further!

    • This was referenced in the "Dating Sim" at the end of Inv's campaign.
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