Worm Grass

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"Worm Grass"
Code name
Food Pips

As any Slugcat: Outskirts, Farm Arrays, Subterranean

Downpour Regions

As SurvivorAs MonkAs Gourmand: Outer Expanse

Worm Grass is a stationary predator found in patches across a few of the game's lower western regions. It cannot be harmed or killed and must be avoided if the player wishes to get past it.


A strand of Worm Grass is oval in shape, with a rounded tip and a bright blue eye-mouth, which opens when alerted, and is used to attach onto and drag prey underground. Its length depends on the position within a patch; generally, the longest strands are in the middle, while shorter ones are closer to the edges. Its color depends on length; short Worm Grass is black, while longer strands tend to take on a deep red.

Abilities & Behavior

When alerted, Worm Grass stretches toward potential prey in an attempt to grab it. If successful, it limits the creature's mobility before eventually killing it. ✔️DLC Gooieducks can be used to repel both types of Worm Grass and works best when crawling with one in hand without switching directions.

A creature's mass affects resistance to Worm Grass, meaning heavier Slugcats like Hunter and ✔️DLC Gourmand are more likely to survive it, while lighter Slugcats like Monk and ✔️DLC Spearmaster are particularly vulnerable to it.

Worm Grass can be split into two varieties according to its size and properties:

Black Worm Grass

Black Worm Grass can be found in small patches in Outskirts, Farm Arrays, Subterranean, and ✔️DLC Outer Expanse. While it is possible for Slugcat to run through it, standing in it for even a few seconds makes its grip too strong to overcome, leading to death. Black Worm Grass can be avoided indefinitely by running and jumping to break existing strand attachments.

Red Worm Grass

Attempting to grab onto a walking Rain Deer

Exclusive to the large swaths of Worm Grass found in Farm Arrays and in some areas of ✔️DLC Outer Expanse, Red Worm Grass is far taller and stronger than its black counterpart. In Farm Arrays, riding a Rain Deer is the safest way of getting across, as any creature that happens to fall into a patch is consumed near instantly. It is possible to break existing attachments; however, this method is risky and only works with a few red strands at a time.


A bugged Hazer phasing through the ground.
Worm Grass incorrectly killing Slugcat.
  • Green Lizards and ✔️DLC Caramel Lizards are immune to Worm Grass.
  • Worm Grass hunts by sight and is insensitive to sound and movement. This does not give the player much of an advantage against the grass, but it can be used to detect creatures off-screen. Rain Deer are easily spotted by Worm Grass from far away, and by judging the grass' reaction over time, the player can determine which direction they are walking.
  • Due to a rendering error, some patches of Worm Grass in Farm Arrays can appear white.
  • Red Worm Grass is capable of swiftly consuming some of the largest creatures in the game, including Daddy Long Legs, Vultures, and even Leviathans.
  • Coalescipedes, Big Spiders, and Spitter Spiders hover above Red Worm Grass instead of getting pulled into it. This interaction is likely a glitch.
  • Worm Grass is highly lethal towards Vulture Grubs, Grappling Worms, and Hazers, and kills them almost instantly, even while they are held by Slugcat.
    • Hazers that have been killed by Worm Grass often have broken physics, causing them to phase through surfaces when dropped.
Glowing Worm Grass in Outer Expanse